Statement Mondays: Interviews With Women Who Wear ”Heels” to Work

Intentions Make You Stronger: Salma Mahmoud, Bodybuilder

February 15, 2021

Bodybuilders also wear heels...  Salma Mahmoud finally took her needs and wants into her own hands once she realized she had the space and initiative to do so after college. Salma completed a rotational program at Visa while investigating what new hobby she wanted to pursue, and soon dove headfirst into data science and her newfound interest in bodybuilding. In fact, bodybuilding (and the confidence that came with goal-setting and training), has changed so much about the way Salma thinks, works, and lives. Could her coworkers tell she's a bodybuilder? We'll see! Join us for this week's episode as we discuss the power of body image, personal goals, and the importance of celebrating your hard work.

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